Canadians need your prayers

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Over the past couple months I have devoted 2 episodes to focus on the plight of Canadians who are subject to some of the strictest and most in-humane lock down's and restrictions in the world. Turning a once idyllic holiday go to, into a 'BLACK MIRROR' dystopia.
To assist with revealing the true-nature of what's really going on in the various Canadian Provinces, I invited fellow Common Law/Natural Law Tribunal Judge KAREN HOLTON. She gave us a complete and concise run-down of the human sights and civil liberty violations perpetrated by Trudeau's government and the various Health Care divisions throughout Canada.

What she revealed was nothing short of harrowing.
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Recently Karen returned to the show for an update on the situation in Canada, however she was joined by fellow tribunal judge and independent reporter Lorilei Potvin. Together they detailed the ongoing tyranny with the added bombshell revelations of the Hotel Quarantine Sexual assaults and increasingly coercive methods used to entice minors to take the jab without parental consent, along with the subsequent adverse reactions now being documented among children following the jab.

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