The Book is Live

All right my good fellows, after a veritable ordeal of technical complications (partly because I've never published a book on Amazon before and wasn't entirely sure how to do it the first time), the book Essays in Theravada Buddhism: Writings of an Incendiary Monk by Pannobhasa Bhikkhu (John David Reynolds) is now for sale on Amazon, in paperback and ebook formats (sorry, no leatherbound hardbacks with gilt page edges). If you do purchase the book and enjoy it, then a positive review, so they say, would be of the greatest help in furthering "the cause."

The next book (Philosophical Dharma, just as philosophical if not more so, though not so restricted to Theravada) is more than half-edited, and will be going up on Amazon probably within the week, the gods willing.

Anyway, the link is here, and I do hope people consider this to be worthwhile: