Good day and please, welcome to the brand new production by Total Disclosure in alliance with our friends of Good Lion TV. I'm Alessandro, the owner of Total Disclosure and partner with Nick for the groundbreaking film, Pervywood 8. As we announced last week, we are joining forces into changing and revitalizing the truther landscape, which we feel requires a more honest approach. But enough of introductions, if you have any questions, head to telegram and look for our channels: @goodlionfilms and @totaldiclosure1

Today's first-ever episode is all about exposing the vaccine genocide, pushed by the New World Order wannabees. The COVID-19 scam has many angles crucial to understanding the big picture, but we focus on the greatest threat of all. The vaccine poison being pushed globally by all the usual suspects is not reduced to just a push anymore. The strategy is clear: shaming, dividing, labeling, with the ultimate goal of total enslavement.

A global communist regime where your freedom is not yours to take but for others to grant. This is war, and, most people don't know it yet. Some people think World War III is supposed to be between the US and China, but what if, this is it? The third war is about the NWO trying to exterminate over 50% of the world's population. The purpose is not invading countries or conquering land, it's all about invading minds and conquering souls. This is a war between good and evil. So we are here to show you what some of you already suspect, but most of the sheeple ignore.

Genocide is often a taboo subject, and of course, the most immediate reminders are what happened in Nazi Germany and Marxist Russia. But if the rumors and testimonies about these experimental vaccines have any truth to them, we are in for a rude awakening. Every family in the world is likely to be affected by this crime. And so, to best understand what's at stake here, we need to go over genocide. What is it? How does it start? How does it evolve? And, how far are we from the New World Order final solution?