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This book in particular out of the great Russian novels really struck a chord with me, thinking about how we live at the moment and the sorts of mistakes we are making. I think this book should be mandatory reading for anyone who admires Sam Harris and other "rational athiests", in particular, because it exposes the subtle hypocrisy and irrationality of people who claim to be all about 'the facts' or 'the science' or 'reason'. It shows that you don't need religion or dictators to create a tyrannical nightmare, you merely need people who think they are right about something and who are willing to coerce others into accepting it -- and the rest will happen on its own. It shows that terms can turn from ideals beyond reproach to tools for control and conformity. It exposes how subjective our purest ideals become in the hands of people who do not respect them.

The particular translation in a correctly formatted epub file can be found here A free app that you can use to read this file on any device