Below is a list of articles, essays, and books that are relevant to our understanding of early banjo culture.

  • Bauer, Albert (.pdf attached below)
"Reminiscences of a Banjo Player" S. S. Stewart's Banjo and Guitar Journal (February, 1893 and other issues...) 

  • Berlin, Ira

  • Combs, Josiah

  • Conway, Cecilia

  • Dubois, Laurent

  • Epstein, Dena
"The Folk Banjo: A Documentary History" Ethnomusicology19, no. 3 (1975)

  • Fischer, David

  • Gibson, George

  • Gura, Phillip & James Bollman

  • Hopkin, Rachel (.pdf attached below)
"Countering Cultural Strip-Mining in Eastern Kentucky: Music Making as Cultural Reconstruction" Western Folklore Magazine (Winter, 2016-2017)

  • Irwin, John

  • Linn, Karen

  • Merritt, Keri Leigh

  • Morgan, Philip

  • Robert, Leonard

  • Rosenbaum, Arthur

  • Sommerville, Diane Miller

  • Tallmadge, William
"The Folk Banjo and Clawhammer Performance Practice in the Upper South: A Study of Origins" The Appalachian Experience edited by Barry M. Buxton Boone, NC: Appalachian Consortium (1983)

  • Wigginton, Eliot
Foxfire 6 (1980)
Foxfire 3 (1975)

  • Winans, Robert