Live Stream Announcement: Comic Book Reading, Saturday, June 5, 10:00 AM PST: Real War Stories #2, Eclipse Comics, 1991

Hi everyone,
I’m still in the process of going through our previous live streams and uploading them, in segments and whole, onto our video sharing platforms. There was a lot of amazing discussion and information to share, so this will take a few more days.
That being said, I know there are a few people, including myself, that are itching for a live stream, so let’s do one, a comic book reading tomorrow, Saturday, at 10:00 AM PST. This will be a special reading from a recent comic book haul, a comic we picked up in Comic Book Haul #45 (see 1:19:06):
In this live stream we’ll be reading Real War Stories #2 form Eclipse Comics (1991). One of the stories in this comic is an adaptation of Smedley Butler’s "War Is a Racket!", the book reading of which we did in 2017. The video and audio you can find here:
- Original Video on CensorTube:
- Video on BitChute:
- Video on Rumble:
- Video on Odysee:
This is an anthology, so there are a few other stories in the comic by some awesome creators that will be worth reading as well. If there are any stories in this book that you would like us to read, let us know and we’ll get it done, the odds are though that we probably won’t be able to read everything. You can find details about this comic on the following two sites:
See you tomorrow if you can make it.