Attention Again Folks

Well, during this time of relative silence I have been diligently working to get most of the essays on my old Nippapanca Blog (those found worthy) edited into the form of books so I can self-publish them on Amazon (which does appear to be my most realistic option at present). It turns out that what I have could easily be turned into five (5) thickish volumes. One will be on specifically Theravada Buddhist philosophy, with some translations. One will be on somewhat more eclectic philosophical Dharma. One will be on general Buddhist ethics and practice. One will consist of personal remembrances and reflections of my own path (including some old current events posts). And one will be essentially eclectic (though always from a more or less Buddhist perspective) philosophical social commentary--though on the old blog there was little of the politically incorrect ranting I have done on the new one.

So I am fishing for suggestions here. I'm trying to think of titles at present. I've been considering "Writings of a Buddhist Radical" as a title, with five different subtitles: "Strictly Theravada," "Philosophical Dharma," "Buddhist Ethics, Buddhist Practice," "A Seeker's Journey," and "Philosophical Social Commentary." I am navigating this essentially solo at present, and so I welcome feedback. Maybe "Technical Theravada"?