Attention Folks,

The old Nippapanca Blog has just been de-activated (still not totally deleted but I think I'm the only one who can access it now), to facilitate turning it into probably at least 3 books. So I am requesting a little feedback. Let's say I make 3 books out of it; I suppose one should be straight Buddhist philosophy. Another can be more personal, with my own path involved more obviously, and presumably less insistence on orthodox Buddhist philosophy (more eclectic but still emphasizing spirituality and philosophy). So what would the third be: miscellaneous cultural reflections, which I hope would include some of my best writing, including my interpretation of Moby Dick and the Russian movie Stalker? That's pretty much the idea I have at present anyway. Feel free to chime in.

At present my main criteria for choosing essays is: 1) My own opinion concerning an essay's value and my liking of it, and 2) popularity based on numbers of views in the (still existent) stats pages. 3) would include specific requests, or else any volunteer editorial suggestions, which will be more difficult now if you can't access the old blog. So you'll probably have to trust my own judgement, unless there are any old essays/articles/posts that really stand out as something you liked. The precipice article I wrote has received some praise, so that one for example would be sure to be in the first or second volume mentioned above.

Next step for me is learning how to use Amazon's self publishing software.