Tentative Video Schedule for June!

Good Evening Everybody!

If you are looking for the fun video content, check out here: https://www.youtube.com/PageWizardGamesLearningEntertainment 

  This month for my video content I will be focusing my attention on three different video series I am doing (I am excluding all of May's videos in the below plans):

  • [Update] June Update Video (1 video)
  • [BOB] Big-Oh Bootcamp (5 videos)
  • [1SP] 1st Steps to Computer Programming Using Java (6 videos)
  • [TC] Twitch Clips (3 videos, once per week)

Below is the tentative schedule, in order (these may be permuted in the future):

  • June 1, BOB
  • June 3, 1SP
  • June 5, 1SP
  • June 7, BOB
  • June 9, Update
  • June 11, TC
  • June 13, 1SP
  • June 15, 1SP
  • June 17, BOB
  • June 19, TC
  • June 21, 1SP
  • June 23, BOB
  • June 25, TC
  • June 27, 1SP
  • June 29, BOB

I reserve the right to withhold doing a video for a day, if I need more time for the game.  My time is very limited on this schedule, so hopefully it will be understandable if I focus more on the game project outside of this.  I would like to give priority to 1SP and BOB, as 1SP is something requested by a Patron and BOB is a series I want to try to get through these core topics so I can get into the meat and potatoes of tougher concepts at a slower pace.  In July, I will likely be much more busy with other obligations than my videos, so be prepared for that possibility (that being said, I would really like to focus on game development in June).

Remember, if you want to check out the Twitch Live Streams, they will be happening here, do follow: https://www.twitch.tv/pagewizard 

Have a beautiful day!