Get your picture on the Audio Analyzer!

Just wanted to make a quick post though to let you know about something. I thought that a fun way to say thank you for everyone supporting on patreon would be to sticker-bomb the APx555 analyzer with images/icons/avatars of your choosing :)

 The top of the unit will be divided into 3x3cm slots as shown in the image below, and for every $100 total pledged on patreon (can be done over multiple months, it's lifetime total pledged not one go) you can have an image of your choice put onto the top of the analyzer, which will of course be visible in basically all future videos. And yes, if you wanted to get more than one you can do so and use them to make a bigger image. Thought that might be kinda fun! Also, for those who might find it interesting, the May review is now going to include a level 2 vs KTE comparison