For those who never made it home, we remember...

Memorial Day is not a holiday in Canada. Instead, we take the third Monday of May off to remember Queen Victoria - someone who hasn't been a relevant part of our lives in more than a century. We do our remembrance on November 11, Remembrance Day, when we memorialize all of those who fought (and many who died) in uniform, so that we can live our lives unmolested by those who would oppress us.

However, I want to take the time today to recognize that the last Monday in May is Memorial Day in the United States of America, and to mourn for our allies to the south who lost their lives defending their country and way of life. Many of the American soldiers who died were fighting in defense not only of the USA, but of the entirety of the free world. Canada has the luxury of maintaining a small standing army largely because the USA has shouldered the bulk of the defense of this continent.

To those who paid the ultimate price... thank you. I may be Canadian, but I still honour your sacrifice.