I'm Dr Sgt Nash. After working as a Marine Corps radio technician for 5 years, I turned my interest toward fixing peoples' bodies through exercise and then, medicine. I love teaching and am looking forward to uploading step-by-step tutorials on topics related to transitioning out of the military, becoming a physician, and raising happy, high-performance children. I will not be just uploading "vlog style" videos to be a talking head, but will demonstrate real-life examples with my own children. I will upload a video every Saturday and extra as time/subject matter permits. Subscribe and bell me if you are interested in any of these topics.

I am currently starting my 4th year of medical school and taking board exams, training in various hospitals, and homeschooling  19-month-old and a 3-month-old girls. I am working toward matching into psychiatry in the spring of 2020.