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Learn how to teach your children at home, confidently, consistently and with a fully qualified professional to guide you.
 Sarah Plumley is a professional GCSE and 'A' Level Mathematics Teacher from the UK. She's been teaching and tutoring full-time for well over a decade and has been an Examiner of GCSE Maths for 5+ years.

"Education *not* Indoctrination, because I'm a TEACHER not a PREACHER!"
 Sarah Plumley, April 2021
 This is the BS-free, old-school education channel where the focus is on developing the skills, competence and confidence of our children.
 The state of so called 'education' in our state schools is a scandal and I'm here to counter it.
 Thank you for learning with me!

Sarah Plumley
 Thinker - Teacher - Truther

Channel Creation Date: 21st April 2021
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