Happy Easter to all those celebrating Easter this weekend. 
I wanted to say THANK YOU. My subscribers here help me keep doing what I am doing. While there are not many of you -- you guys are JUST RIGHT. Enough for the servers to be up, enough for the travel of research, the lawsuits and the time and effort.  Most of all - I thank you for the HIGHEST of all currencies... PRAYER. 
During this weekend .. which is EASTER for most - please consider downloading an app called THE CHOSEN. You do not have to pay to watch but you may donate so you and someone who does not have the money can watch.  As many struggle with the vaccine - maybe this will help. The quote in the picture is what I told my mother. This life is not something we should be fighting for - the fight is for the souls to come and for our souls to go home - with their head held high. 

GOD Bless everyone - and THANK YOU for your support!