Hey everyone!

This is our first post, a public one, to start things off with welcoming anyone reading this and checking out our page here on SubscribeStar, which is a platform that we actually see as a light in sea darkness because of its core principles as a platform, but mainly because of its current payout methods.

We're currently based in Lebanon, which unfortunately doesn't allow mainstream digital payment/payment-gateway methods like PayPal or Stripe, and when we were made aware of this platform's direct payout to bank accounts, which basically makes it the only platform with Western to global popularity and accessibility, it allowed us the opportunity to receive money from supporters globally.

Because of this history and circumstance, this would be our first time experiencing and using such a platform, and hopefully when we reach our first goal, we would then see if this is a viable option or not. To see if we'd actually get the money to our bank account, in our hands, and confirm that the system works. At which point, we'll be satisfied with the platform and continue using it. Receiving your support in order to develop the Stitch platform and its divisions.

Speaking of support, we've already set up different tiers with different rewards for each one, hopefully providing you with sufficient value in return for your support.

We've also setup a few initial milestones/goals and written what will that money be funnelled into.

If you have any ideas, requests, modifications or feedback to any of the tiers or goals, by all means share it with us and we'll have a look at it, consider it and see if any changes need to be made.

Did we miss anything? Have any questions you'd like answers for? Comment on here or through any of our social media accounts (@StitchGamesQA), or chat with us on Discord, and we'll hopefully reply back to you directly or through a post on here or through a blog post at a later date.

Thank you for taking the time to checking us out and reading this post! =3