I wanted to let you know that after a looong creation process the 434 merch is finally ready and can be found 👕 http://shop.be434.com
You can definitely find something for yourself that will remind you about 434 values everyday as there are now more than 120 items in the shop. That's a lot of merch to pick from. T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, long sleeves, socks, pouches, bags, fanny packs, phone cases, stickers, posters, pillows, tumblers, mugs, water bottles - all available in various colors and sizes and all for men and women so check them all out. A lot to chose from so browse the shop using product categories as it can be a bit overwhelming.
I outsourced production to an external company not to waste time on printing, shipping, customer service and so on. For any issues deal with them directly but do let me know when they screw up so that I can change the supplier if necessary. 

I tried to satisfy everyone with the designs so there is everything from minimalistic 434 logo to full frontal psychedelic artwork. Some of the designs are from my trip visions like the Hedron Head. I asked for a design and that's what I was shown so I create it for you. I have a few more visuals like this from them so there will be more in the future. Make sure you add your email address to http://news.be434.com if you haven't done it yet. I will be working on new designs regularly so keep coming back. I will keep you updated anyway.

I want to thank everyone for your feedback. It let me understand what you guys want to see in the shop. I always want to hear what you think about designs so keep it coming. I tried to follow your price guidance and I kept at a reasonable and affordable level as per your feedback.

I would love to see you wearing them so once they arrive send me your pictures. Be creative and I might use them in the videos later :D

Remember that by buying these products you support the 434 structure and the 434 community as you allow me to continue doing what I am doing. And as always if you don't feel you need anything from the shop you can always just donate http://join.be434.com

Thank you!