Description of Subscriber Posts
Each subscriber post is a lesson on a specific skill in critical thinking. In 15 minutes, students learn how to put it immediately into practice. 
With Mindvax, students develop a reliable critical thinking system that they instinctively use everyday. It teaches how to analyze information for integrity and accuracy, thereby reducing the influence of misinformation. 

Mindvax lessons are written in easy-to-read story form using common real-life scenarios. Students can visualize themselves in the narratives and learn critical thinking application from normal life experiences.

There are 7 sections in most lessons:

Description of the Skill
Analysis of Examples using Critical Thinking
Conclusions after Critical Thinking
Specific Recommendations on how to put Lesson into Immediate Practice
Preview of the next Lesson

There are three specialty lesson series that show how to specifically use critical thinking in areas outside of school:
Not Falling For That - Teaches how to identify misinformation in news articles and videos
Conversation Skills - Educates students how to use critical thinking techniques to have more fruitful conversations
Work Smarter - Focuses on improving work management and cognitive skills

Applicable for Middle School, High School, College, Homeschool
Lessons are posted weekly.