BardsFM: Peace Be Still 25-Feb-2021

Scott focuses on Psalm 19. of which naturally falls into 3 parts: 
- God’s revelation in creation [verses 1-6]
- God’s revelation in the law [7-11] and 
- the response of the man of faith [12-14]. The point of the first 6 verses is that the heavenly bodies are objective proof that a powerful, creative God exists. The heavens are God’s preachers in the sky who proclaim 24 hours a day the truth that exists [1-2]; furthermore, they speak a universal language [3-4]. On the other hand, God’s special revelation is His law. It is described by 5 synonyms: “law, testimony, statutes, commandment,” and “judgments” [7-9]. His law is precious and desirable [10]. The man of faith can respond only with a prayer that he be kept from both hidden sins [12], and willful sins [13]; that what he says may be acceptable to the Lord; and that even what he thinks may be pleasing to God [14).

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