Finalized Spreadsheets Used in Our Investing in Comic Books Live Stream Held on February 18, 2021 

Hi everyone, 
Here are the finalized spreadsheets/data that we used in our Investing in Comic Books live stream held on February 18. The video will be available on BitChute, Rumble and CensorTube later today.

As well, below are the videos for the referenced comic book haul (our first comic book haul videos) in addition to the video we uploaded yesterday reviewing the mathematics used in the spreadsheets to calculate ROI and the other metrics. 
Hope you find these spreadsheets and the videos interesting. I found it very fun delving into the data and extending and linking up the math work that we have been doing with the comic books and the personal finance discussion. 
Much more to come, of course, and thank you all for supporting this work. It is in large part because of your patronage that we have come so far, and I as well as many others appreciate your support for this labor of love. 

1) COMIC HAUL, BOX 1: Let’s Check out the Comic Book Collection I Bought on Ebay, Box1

2) COMIC HAUL, BOX 2: Let’s Check out the Comic Book Collection I Bought on Ebay, Box 2

3) MATH USED IN THIS VIDEO: "ASMR Math: Compound Interest, Return on Investment, Annualized ROI, Personal Finance, Investing"

4) ASMR MATH: Investing in Comic Books: A Primer and Two Spreadsheets, Introduction, How to