UPDATE 8/4/2019: So, guess what happened? YouTube has deleted one of my videos about AOC. I received the email this morning informing me that if I break their ToS again, I will get a strike. If I get a strike, I will be unable to upload or livestream.

I'm letting everyone know now, just in case this happens, that you can still find my content on Bitchute and other platforms. Go to https://www.magogofmorskar.com/ and you can find all relevant links to me there. 

It's finally begun. The censorship. You see, I know I've had some WAY more edgy humor than what was in the AOC video, so it's only a matter of time before they look at my other vids and start tearing everything I've worked hard for apart. I really hope I still have a place to entertain you all in the future. Let's be prepared for the worse.

I will return to doing content soon. I've moved in. Finished building up a set. And as soon as I have running water, you will get more content from Magog than you can handle! So, be patient and give me a little more time to get settled into my new digs.

Deepest regards,
- Magog of Morskar