Hello! My name is Zoe or more widely known as Aureai. I'm an art student from Argentina currently attending to college, drawing been in my life since as long as I can remember and I love bringing characters to life.

I'd like to dedicate myself to offer principally drawings with a positive mood and scenarios that can make people happy, especially if it's cute. By supporting me, making illustrations will become my job and you'd help me a lot by giving me the time that otherwise I wouldn't have to improve and work on commissions!

I can speak Spanish and English!

What do I get by supporting you?

My personal art will always be visible for everyone regardless of the existence of this SubscribeStar. However, most of the exclusive content that I may post here will be publicly available as either examples or completely free after a few weeks or months after being here.

To make you part of this and see with a bit more of insight how I work before anyone else, I'll be for example uploading recordings of my process, sharing resources of the little things I know, voting for next drawing ideas and sharing anything related to material that I buy with your support.

You can find me on DeviantArt, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Derpibooru