The 2020 United States presidential elections are said to be the most important elections for this nation in at least a century. The battle to overturn this election is being fought on two fronts. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis consist of the "official team," in charge of fighting with the most pressing evidence which consists mainly of fraudulent votes. These fraudulent votes were cast by dead people, illegals, underage citizens, and all-around mail-in ballots that were falsified and modified to add to the Biden numbers. Votes for Trump were destroyed or conveniently misplaced by corrupt poll workers and deep state cronies.

On the other side, we have Sidney Powell, the lawyer of Michael Flynn - and Lin Wood, a long-time friend, and lawyer of Donald Trump. They are focused on the case that will take longer to solve and present to the courts as it involves the Dominion voting machines. It involves the use of Smartmatic software and the influence enforced by foreign countries to help Biden by cheating. They have also made clear that they are going after criminals from both parties, democrats, and republicans.

Nevermind where you stand on Trump, Qanon, or any of the lawyers mentioned above, I will review all cases and try to explain them in terms anyone can access the information easier. ON THIS DELIVERY, I finish with Georgia which seems to be the state that's going to turn red first. I then focus on Sidney Powell, her work, and her reputation on the line working for America.