End-of-Year Update for 2020: this year has been a bit of disappointment, hasn't it?  Well, I've managed to keep busy, despite the disease-driven doldrums.  For starters, I've started making much more detailled 3d models, for no good reason other than "I can."  In addition to everything I've shared here, you may enjoy seeing my steampunk power armour.  

Then again, I finally have all the equipment I need to start metal casting, as I may have mentioned.  In the first few days of the new year, I should have something to show.  I know that most people reading this probably don't have the money to spare on jewellery, otherwise... well, you know.  Still, the possibilities with investment casting go far beyond useless adornments.  

The metalworking content cross-platform will proliferate.  Casting, machining, and yet more welding are in store.