There’s A Movement of Woman Who WON’T Have Babies Because of CLIMATE CHANGE…And It’s Catching On!!

A movement called “BirthStrike” started late last year as a global organization offering solidarity for people deciding not to have children in response to the so called “climate crisis”. There is a myth being perpetrated that mankind is responsible for global climate change and therefore since we are the problem, having less of us is their logical solution. But is this really logical or does it play right into the hands of the global elite class of eugenicists who seek to reduce the worlds population to a more manageable size? In this video Dan Dicks and Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth cover the latest tactics of today’s eugenicists who have managed to convince mankind that they are the problem when it comes to the changing climate and therefore the only solution to reducing our carbon footprint is to remove footprints all together by eradicating mankind from existence!