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I am a self employed ecig reviewer and industry commentator on the world of vaping and ecigs.  I also run a second channel dedicated to political news and views.

I started vaping in March of 2014, in fact, the very first video I made is still on the channel. Vaping helped me get off the cigarettes and ultimately helped me a lot with my health. This channel reviews everything to do with e-cigs. The difference between my reviews and a lot of other's out there is that you can be assured that the item I am reviewing on the video has been used for at least a week or more. 

I have a reputation of being honest when it comes to the reviews and I am NOT a "promoter" which some reviewers have turned into, which is why in 2016 and 2017 I was voted the no.1 e-cig reviewer in the UK by popular vote on EcigClickUK.


The Patreon has been set up to help the future of the channel.  After running the channel for 4 years with no paypal donations and no patreon, and at the same time living with multiple disabilities, the cost of upgrading the ageing equipment that makes the videos has fallen on single individuals when it comes to the old Amazon wishlist.  Moving forward with the channel though, some equipment is costly, and would be better spread between donators.  The Patreon is set up for a simple reason... to upgrade and overhaul the recording of the videos moving forward into the 5th year of the channel and beyond and to keep the channel completely independent of any monetary involvement by the industry itself.

If you are going to become a Patreon of the channel, thank you for supporting Vaping With Vic!