Answer Softly

Verse 1
Overmedicated culture
Put warriors to sleep
Came to wake a generation
swords in their sheath
Underneath meek exterior 
Ability to obliterate
Wicked mind-states
Or increase crime rate
Destiny Not a blind date
choose your outcome 
Replay this album
Hunt truth like a falcon
Public housing
To the hamptons
I bask in
Immortal son rays
In desserts
Or in the aspens
Answer softly 
(Repeat 3X) 
 When that angers present
Tell them demons 
Get up off me

 Answer softly 
Answer softly
(Repeat 3x)
Eyes upon the kingdom
Taking up my cross
War on poverty was really a war on black fathering
3x’s as likely 
as prior to diabolically 
placed legislation 
To motivate a disintegration of our nuclear unit
Making us anti prudent
Language of poverty 
We became too fluent
Poppa’s a rolling stone with government 
Just do it!
Lay with that woman get her pregnant 
Then dip out
Now be awakened realize
That’s a cowards route
Told to have a whole squad
Never love a single chick
Serpent pitched a cold scheme
Got us hating covenant 
Elders watching youth strip
Cougar moms wiling out
Taking wild Girl trips
Tell me what is this about
Kruger or Jason
13 ruin dream 
Stop hallucinating 
orphan generation 
In need of wisdom 
They needing you to lead em
But you rolling with them
Make a decision
Just trying to clear my head
I know how you feel when
All You seeing is red
Things said
To destroy
got under your skin
Ready to take off on somebody
Why they get up in your bubble
Why they out here starting trouble
Rumors flying
Always lying when they open they lips
Don’t trip
Step back breathe
Just for a second
I’ve been in this situation
Needed peace as a weapon
Used to pop off on a dime
Blackout in my flesh
Pops told me it’s a fast way to prison or death
Told me pray for my enemies
Get your temper in check
Serpent in the wings waiting
With a leash on your neck
Cut his cord
New life with a double edged sword
You ain’t no sucka
If you suffer for doing right
You Noble
Self control is a fruit of the spirit
Stop going loco
Answer softly 
(Repeat 3X) 
 When that angers present
Tell them demons 
Get up off me