Simple Silver Casting - Tufa Stone Casting

In this video I go over how to cast silver jewelry using Tufa stone. This is based on how the Navajo make silver jewelry and many still do to this day. I have seen very little info on this and not that many videos that go into details so I thought I could help get the info out about this technique. 

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Tools and Materials:
Tufa Stone for casting -

Stainless Steel baling wire -

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Sharp Razer Blades -

Smiths little Torch -

Rose Bud Torch End -

Heating Tripod -

Crucible for Casting -

Borax Powder 1lb -

Hand Files -


Here are some helpful videos that I found about Tufa stone casting that you might find useful:

Navajo silver jewelry Cast work Sand and Tufa:

Cutting Tufa Stone:

Carving Tufa Stone:

Time Stamps:
Intro 0:00
What is a Tufa Stone 1:00
The design 2:15
Preparing the Tufa stone 2:36
Carving the Tufa 4:12
Joining the parts mold together 9:42
About torches 13:06
You silver Options 13:48
About Crucibles 15:13
Seasoning Crucible 16:22
About your casting area 19:24
First casting 20:05
Opening First Casting 21:05
What to do when you fail a casting 21:23
Second casting 22:08
Final Casting 22.23
Cleaning up casting 23:24
Cleaned up and patina 25:50
Thank you for watching! 26:38


If you are looking for more tools and materials that I use, well you're in luck! I made a page on my website just for that and I'm updating all the time so bookmark it to stay up to date:

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