During the ITNJ’s Total Disclosure Podcast, I showed you receipts and testimonies. In this chapter, the focus moves towards Sacha Stone and his associates. Simon Jean-Paul Sacha Adams was born in Rhodesia in May 1966, in the middle of the independence war. Rhodesia was an unrecognized state in southern Africa from 1965 to 1979, where modern Zimbabwe is today. Why would a “noble” man who has nothing to hide change his name? Who is Sacha’s father? Sir Walter Adams described as a British historian and educationalist with a vast resumé and knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Sacha Stone is allied with "a former C.I.A. insider turned whistleblower,” with deep pockets. Robert David Steele threatened to sue me to silence my exposé on Sacha. “Infiltration instead of invasion” – Just like John F. Kennedy said. At the same time, the crown controlled MI5 kickstarts the ITNJ, with the assistance of shadow Vatican figures. They fear people waking up to the horrific reality of human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse. So they assign NWO Agenda 2030 enthusiast Sacha Stone, their mission? To gather intel on the victims, preapprove testimonies, control the narrative, and sabotage witnesses.

Sacha Stone has inclinations that are very troubling considering what he portrays himself to be. Keeping a vault of porn films and images, some taken without consent, of his sexual partners is abusive. Resisting to delete said material when confronted by the victims, is criminal. Storing sex videos of the daughters of his lovers is indeed worrying, assuming all of them are over 18, which I doubt. But when I heard of Sacha sexually grooming a 6-year-old is when I decided I had enough. ON THIS DELIVERY, I expose Sacha Stone's intelligence and mafia connections. I also show you the testimonies presented against him over a myriad of crimes.