The Blood of Jesus

Immersed in the spirit with no snorkel
Eating scripture love every morsel
Let it digest up in my torso
Power of faith 
When it is raised
Creates a force field 
Blocking sorcerors
In Christ I’m an immortal
Sleep for a minute
Raised up as royal
Saint’s sin can’t taint running the soil
Keep my lamp lit
Don’t be asking for my oil
Live in the miraculous realm
Cuz its normal
Seed time harvest
King’s mind artist
He freed my charges
Redeemed my body
Elohim time martyr
While you bling I honor 
Jesus Christ the lion of Judah 
No one is harder
Smarter than the average
Labeled a young maverick
Take risks walk on water till I splash in
Bask in his presence till I look just like him
Went from a coward to a spiritual titan
Through the blood of the lamb we’ve got
Ain’t nobody stopping us
Ain’t nobody dropping us
We are more than CONQUERORS
This is for the low wage earner
High school educated
Blue collar worker
Filled with frustration
Nickel and dime 
Seems like a crime
When I get my 
Straight stress 
Searching for my paycheck
Hole in my pocket
Trying to talk legacy
Kid’s saying nonsense
Mainstream hating me
Radio aint playing these
Cuz they bring liberty 
To all of the captives 
Trapped up in this industry 
Simply put
We raise up the standard
Searching for the answer
Better throw your hands up
Call on my dad Cuz
He heals cancer
Jesus is the one turning lame
Men to dancers
Hard rock’s to gems
Boys to men
You torn within
Then get born again
He’ll turn your mourning into the sound of Joy 
Every yoke of bondage destroyed
Oh Boy



What can wash away my sins?
What can make me whole again?
What can cleanse my dirty soul?
Nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS
What can wash away my sins
What can make me whole again
What can cleanse YOUR dirty soul
Nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS