From Zinzendorf to Wilberforce
On our face crying out
Until his spirit pours
Unbroken chain
Of intercession
For global missions
Kingdom comes to every school home business n prison
Stay fishing for lost
Preach repentance
Count up the cost
Take your position
I spit for girls hypnotized
Making bread stripping
To corporate dude selling them
Thinking they big pimpin
Was fascinated with the street
Life g Nike’s
3 strikes
Deep fights
Leaf white
Give you a cheap life
See Christ as king
Only way you will receive life
Weak blind lame
Set free
Spirit will ignite
Urge for you to change your life
Straight press in
Ascending up the mountain of God
The crowd lessens
Ascending up the mountain of God
The crowd lessens
You going to war
Using the wrong weapons
Enter in the secret place
Invite heaven
Ascending up the mountain
Ascending up the mountain of God
The crowd lessens
You going to war using the wrong weapons
Keep your hands clean
Heart pure for blessing
Ascending up the mountain of God
Slow burn of discipleship
Train in righteousness
Life we live
Is not our own
Must abide in him
In his shadow under his wing
Even in a lion’s den
You’re protected
Hidden in Christ
Bold like Elijah when
Confronting evil
At his feet to be regal
False doctrine is fecal
False prophets are see through
His spirit will lead you
Generation it needs you
Arise from your slumber
Saints marching in
Will you be in that number
I wonder
We plunder
Evil ones camp
What God has placed together?
Let no one tear asunder
I remember 
Faith at a a young tender
Age of 13
My Soul was thirsty
My Hurt was hurting
I did the church thing
It wasn’t working
In my lowest place cried out
You heard me
Called in your presence
Fear taught me to reverence
Escape gravitational pull
Of the ordinary
David ushered the kingdom in
Though Goliath was scary
Dare you to take some action
Kill anxiety
Must walk out my dream
For all of those who went before me
40 and beyond
No one cares about your story
At least that’s what the experts say
They tell me
Old is boring
Legends in they golden years
Still globally touring
Fans on they feet
No one in the crowd is snoring
Sitting on a vault
I stay recording
Perfections a fault
Release it or I am hoarding
Train called destiny
This time I’m boarding
Last time I missed it
This time I can’t afford it
Repeat 3x
Ascending up