Chris Cornell’s bodyguard is the last man to see him alive, a South African army veteran, Martin Kirsten. The man has been extremely elusive since Chris passed away. Its standard procedure that the last person to see the victim alive becomes a person of interest. When you add all the inconsistencies and the personal history of Mr. Kirsten, it’s a no brainer. As most of us know, Chris was one of the nicest men alive, regardless of your status. He wasn’t shallow or a narcissist.

Martin Kirsten was nicknamed "the nanny" by Chris - in a demeaning fashion. Vicky's new managerial decision to appoint this man as Chris's chaperone didn't sit well with the singer, but he put up with it. Huge mistake. If we are to believe all these stories on how "off" Chris was during his last show, why didn't Kirsten notice? The bodyguard should've assessed his condition and avoid giving Chris another pill. All this weirdness added to Chris voicing his dislike for Martin Kirsten's clear to his peers.

He even told some of his friends back in Seattle about Kirsten's erratic behavior and how he was a bit afraid of him. If Chris had an Ativan prescription, why was Kirsten holding it? Chris was a grown man. Why was Kirsten responsible for dosing him? Why isn’t Kirsten being interrogated thoroughly on Chris’s fake addiction? The family and the public deserve an explanation. ON THIS DELIVERY, I expose Kirsten's links to Jeffrey Epstein, Heidi Klum, and Mossad.