All Things Jude

 Hi folks! I've been thinking on ways to take advantage of this platform and improve the contents, and seeing as I've created this as a backup for Patreon, I have decided to back up my Patreon entries for my subscribers here as well. On top of that I will be doing my best to make personal announcements and let you guys know if anything eventful happens, like getting booted off of Twitter again!

I've recently recieved a second strike from Instagram and decided it was time to create a backup account. @heyjudithrose will be there for me to jump to in case my main account gets taken down, although I have avoided using many if any hashtags and only tagging fellow patriots at their request.

 I started a YouTube channel series officially last week, and have posted an episode already this week. I plan on keeping each episode 10-15 minutes, with really basic red pills and linked sources to hopefully get more people interested in chasing the truth. You never know who you're reaching, so I'm starting small, hoping to facilitate conversations among people from all stages of the awakening.

Don't miss my chat with Across The Pond members @theveritasmachine and @theukpatriot; each complete view raises money towards anti human trafficking charity. See it here:

I'm being pretty heavily shadowbanned across all of my platforms and I'm looking for a way to deal with that. Creating is currently my source of income, and so being suppressed while trying to advertise my work, music, and merch shop has been frustrating to say the least. I added a new design to my store that caused some controversy due to the use of the triangle over my eye.
 Personally, I see art as a way to reach all kinds of people. I am interested in reaching as many people as I can, by any means necessary. If that means borrowing symbolism to mock the ones that use it and pull people into the truth I am actually exposing, I'm gonna do it. I know my true supporters will understand that in the end art is art, and my intentions are what matter the most. I refuse to let basic shapes be ruined and made off limits. 
I appreciate your patience while I contemplate on how to grow and transform my platforms so I can move forward and prosper. Thank you very much for hanging in there with me! Brace for several new posts if you're a subscriber!