1. So YT fucked with us in a weird way today. Normally I have to go in and manually set our live streams' category, sure, but today they started us out with no live chat and they never do that. I have NEVER had to manually turn on live chat before. So our whole episode mostly had no live chat enabled. Has anyone else ever had this issue?

  2. We hit 250 subs on Youtube and we almost have 100% of the bills covered through Subscribestar and other donations which means we can spend the extra and our own money on IMPROVEMENTS AND ACTION! Thanks, guys!

  3. Want to help us take all this shit to the next level? Hit up our Subscribestar while we work on figuring out our own subscription services! If you're like us you'd probably rather help with crypto and there are some options to do so here at our Cointr.ee

  4. Want to help us with your own hard work? Stay tuned for our next episode of Mad Coffee Negative squared latin capital letter break tomorrow morning to find out more or just hit up our DMs or matrix in-browser and talk to us now!

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