Most Commonly Asked Questions; FAQ with Resources

Hi friends! I've been spread out all over the internet lately and I'm working on my focus and building my platform. Be sure to check out my new videos I post on TikTok, but more recently I've had to post them elsewhere, like Instagram and Twitter.
Yesterday I did my third Q&A post on IG, and realized there are some questions I get asked quite a bit! I'll be posting this here as well as Patreon for anyone interested in these things about me and may just be getting to know me. With the way the internet works, some people are still seeing my first viral video, and I've made a lot more since then! I still have too many messages to answer, but do my best when I see something that resonates with me.
Here are some of the questions people ask me the most:
Q: Since leaving the left, how have you been treated by your friends and family?
A: Overall it's been overwhelmingly positive. I had some drama in the first two weeks involving a few friends, but ultimately their reaction told me everything I needed to know. There has been a small amount of drama in my family, although I don't speak to my father currently. My mom and I actually became closer upon my awakening, and that's been the most positive thing. I also just got back in touch with an old friend and we made up too!
Q: What are your religious views? How do you feel about Jesus?
A: I am technically a baptized Episcopalian, and I've studied Wicca (there are good witches!), Christianity and a little bit of Buddhism. I think it's good to get a wider perspective of beliefs around the world to understand what they all agree on, which is essentially The Golden Rule. I think of God as a force within us all, connecting and binding us to a greater collective consciousness we all have the power to tap into. We are all part of God's dream and plan to learn everything we possibly can, and assist each other by sharing knowledge.
That being said I see Jesus as an advanced being already well aware of his connection to God and higher beings who taught him everything he knew. I think he has an extraterrestrial connection, and i don't think he's the only Lightworker who has visited us to remind us of the true path we're meant to walk: the path of Love. If you don't agree that's okay, this is what my heart tells me.

Q: How can I wake up my friends and family?
A: Very carefully. I always say this is something people have to come to themselves. It really starts within an individual. You can suggest ideas to them like breadcrumbs, but do try not to be too aggressive or shove things in their face. I see both sides doing this, feverishly trying to prove something to one another all while proving they simply don't want to actually listen to each other. In the end, you may just have to keep hoping and praying for them, while passively offering information on a social account they have the freewill to see or not see.
Q: What woke you up or made you start questioning everything?
A: I've been open to certain conspiracy theories in the past. I heard rumors of a shadow government in high school. This was also when I read 1984, and listened to a lot of Tool. In addition, I've had a fair amount of paranormal experiences happen, and knew the government was hiding ETs and UFOs. That being said, I really started to question the main narrative when the virus hit. Something about it didn't feel right, it felt purposeful. I was going to BLM protests, thinking I was being supportive, but something felt off about those too. I researched black history, fell into some conspiracy TikToks, learned more about the shadow government through Ancient Aliens and things really clicked when I watched Out of Shadows and Fall of Cabal. The world really is backwards! I wasn't crazy, this is what I've been feeling all along!
Q: How do you feel about BLM and police now?
A: I can see the the BLM organization itself is lead by very questionable and downright bad people like Charles Wade and not only is there hypocrisy in the movement but the funds collected don't seem to be doing much good besides going to politicians like Joe. However, I understand there are many good people with good intentions who genuinely want the struggle to be recognized and suffering to stop. Police do seem to be controlled by a larger entity that is part of a bigger problem, and the cycle of violence they are trapped in with civilians is heartbreaking. It never seems to end, and it's one of the things that made me question the bigger picture. I wish police could be completely remade and retrained, with extensive knowledge on psychology and gun safety. I want cops who genuinely want to make a difference, who aren't shunned by their peers for trying to expose corruption. You could say I want complete reform and funding to make well rounded caring police.
Q: How do I change my friend/family members mind about Trump?
A: This is often the most difficult road block for some people. I know it was for me! I hated Trump so much I used to angry tweet at him, and those tweets are now lost with my original twitter account, rudejude91, that went viral and documented my transition in real time. People want someone to blame, and Trump has been framed as that scapegoat. He knows it, and he keeps going. Feel free to show them my instagram post exposing the very anti-racist things Trump has sad/done and explain that this is not the only aspect about him that has been taken out of context and framed badly. As far as Epstein is concerned, this TikTok along with the testimony from Virginia Giuffre clarifying her statement and distancing Trump from the island is a start. Be sure to remind them that the flight Trump took was before Epstein actually bought the island, and that he was basically the only person willing to cooperate with the FBI on Epstein at the time. The FBI had a ton of information they did nothing with for years, well before Trump was president. But you know who became president when Epstein was released early from his sweetheart sentence? Obama. Which past president is actually pictured with women who worked for Epstein? Clinton.
Q: What can I show my friends to wake them up about Hollywood?
A: Oh boy, Hollywood has been a terrifying but fascinating aspect of all of this for me. I've always loved film, music and the arts so to discovering many of my "idols" are extremely flawed and in some cases just plain evil has been...disappointing, to say the least. Will Smith was particularly gut wrenching for me. I like to refer people to What They Haven't Told You with Mel Gibson &Shia Lebouf as well as Mouthy Buddha's Youtube Channel. Don't forget Out of Shadows. That should pretty much do it.
Q: What do you recommend when it comes to paranormal research and public disclosure?
A: I like to check out what Secret Space Program researchers like Michael E Salla, Dr. Steven Greer and Laura Eisenhower have to say. Many of them are still suspected infiltrators who may or may not be working for questionable people from a certain bloodline, but nonetheless I listen with skepticism because I believe they're still trying to help warn us, even if they can't tell us everything yet. The documentary Above Majestic is one of my favorites, and.I recommend as much Ancient Aliens as you can stand. Gaia has some good stuff to watch, and the CIA has many eye opening declassified documents if you're willing to dig, available under the Freedom Of Information Act. I also recommend a book called Alien World Order by Len Kasten. Take it all with a grain of salt and be ready for anything, that's what I say!
Q: How do you find the strength to be positive? Do you ever get down about the things you discover?
A: While my meditation has helped me let go of my most toxic emotions that were draining me for no reason, I do have moments where I need to decompress and step back for a moment. Self care is important to me. I've learned a lot in a short amount of time, and I most definitely have to pace myself. For three weeks I worked for John Paul Rice after his own video speaking out about Hollywood went viral and by some serendipitous luck he decided to ask me for my help in responding to all of the messages he was receiving. I read many personal testimonies from actual survivors confirming the truth in the world, some too detailed to possibly be made up. For whatever reason learning all of this has filled me with resolve instead of terror. It revealed something I always felt but could never put into words. Knowing has been far better than being in the dark and wondering what was truly wrong with the world. I am addicted to knowing everything, committed to my journey of learning. Again, it is important to take breaks and do something for yourself, like mediation or a calming video game. I enjoy making people laugh and finding a way to deliver this information in a more lighthearted way because it can be so heavy. We must find the fun in our new found role as detectives. This evil is ancient, and we must take its power away by any means necessary. Sometimes that means laughing at it, because we're winning!
Q: Are you single/will you marry me?
A: While this always makes me smile I regret to inform that no, I am not available. I'm in a committed long term partnership I've learned a lot from. We didn't have a good start, but have both showed true individual growth and I value the lessons I have learned with this person. Together we have shown each other that change is possible. He's been very supportive of my journey so far.
Q: How many people have you woken up/do people tell you that you helped them?
A: I don't have a number necessarily, but yes! I hear this surprisingly often! I get comments from people who say I helped them wake up, and some from other ex Dems! It's so awesome. It's happening! I'm still pleasantly surprised at how real the silent majority seems to be. I can feel the world changing!
Thanks for reading my Q&A! I used to send resources to people while I was helping John Paul Rice, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I posted the link here for anyone interested in the first steps to waking up!