Hi everyone!

Quick update about the September drawings for the coloring book which was due to be released on Oct. 1 per past activity.  I am trying something different with this particular set (and thinking if it goes well, doing the same for the drawings to be released in December.)

I am releasing the items day by day with a story that goes into the Halloween theme for the month of October.

You can access these via the https://payhip.com/MooreArtByLucy site to pick up any that you don't have the opportunity to get through Subscribe Star tier rewards!  All of them are at the deepest discount (as though you had bought the whole month coloring book) on the individual pages, and they are still (currently) available in 3 levels of intensity.  The other options are coming as soon as I can make them, but so far the month of October has been crazy hectic.

Don't forget to use your monthly rewards either!

To know when the next page in the story has been released, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or now Instagram.  I am MooreArtByLucy on all 3.