Hi everyone!

The month of August was super productive.  Not only did I increase the amount of drawings made available in one month, but I started getting the color tests completed and ready.  You can now see colored examples of the drawings, and I am going to be doing this for all the difficulty levels and going back to the July ones as well.  (Please be patient, that means a lot of coloring!)

Originally, these tests were just done to make sure the shapes worked well, and that there was no overlaping lines / poorly met up lines/points.  However, I thought some color might help inspire people to see things that are possible.

Right now all of these are just the basic difficulty of the August coloring pages (and I still have a few I am working on)

I also am making the color tests in a range of materials.  This first bit was in mid-range colored pencils (Brufuntr brand).  The quality of the pencils makes for some interesting effects as well as issues, but these aren't meant for print... just as color examples to inspire you to make something unique of your own.

I have attached these tests to this post for everyone's viewing pleasure.

If you want to purchase individual pages or the July coloring book, you can do so (if you don't have access to it through your reward tier already) at: https://payhip.com/MooreArtByLucy