Building 7 had 47 stories... makes me wonder... # 7 at the Superbowl 47 ...............(blackout bowl) the two pillars are joined by an ARCH the final stone is the Keystone , the solstice sun MASONIC KEYSTONE WITH LETTERS HTWSSTKS - The Masonic Keystone, which is the Masonic mark of an Ancient Grand Master. HTWSSTKS stands for "Hiram The Widow's Son Sent To King Solomon." All third degree Freemasons study the story of a man named Hiram Abiff (a.k.a. Hiram the Widow's Son.) We discussed Hiram, widow's son and how sun gods are fatherless "Luke, I am your father" Jesus raised by Joseph but... that wasn't his real dad. this is the separation of night and day, the god of life and god of death always on separate sides of the terminator line. It's noteworthy here because Kappernick's father.....unknown. Same with Pope Bezos btw and Musk? the Martian Pope's dad , in his words is pure "evil"