Evola on a (but not "the") European Union

This one may seem inappropriate for an article written by a Buddhist monk, or even a Buddhist, but I don't think it is. Although Julius Evola certainly qualifies as a "fascist," and not even just a right-leaning person whom leftists hate, he spoke highly of Theravada Buddhism and endorsed it more completely than do most western teachers of it. Also, we may as well give the devil his due and acknowledge that, aside perhaps from a political party based specifically on religion, fascism has been, ironically, much more concerned with spirituality than any other major political movement. (Marxism, of course, is almost by definition atheistic and materialistic, i.e. spiritually dead.) And anyway, it is interesting to expose oneself to a variety of points of view, if only to know what we don't accept or agree with. If you do not accept fascism, as is your right, then at least you should know what it is you are not accepting. Same goes for Marxism, or Christianity, or Islam, or anything else. Furthermore, if Marxism can go mainstream and be taught to children in schools, then Fascism should not be silenced either, out of considerations of fairness and "equity." So this one is a little serving of advocatus diaboli.