Hello everyone, this will be my first post on subscribestar.

I just want to say Howdy and thank you all so much for considering donating and helping support the wholesome werewuffs. I really do enjoy creating happy wholesome werewuffs and I wish to continue, but in able to I need the support.

I have a bad back and am unable to work a normal day job. For this I do artwork to help support the house and bills. But in able to take time away specifically for werewuffs has really cut into the amount I have been able to make for bills. This will be a way to help me continue the Happy Wholesome times as well as helping with my bills.

After there are so many supporters there will be a poll every month for a past werewuff image to be taken and upgraded with proper lines and color. Everyone will be able to decide which image they want upgraded. And the higher donors will be able to pick out what images they want to see upgraded which everyone will vote on.

Thank you all so much again for the consideration in support <3