I woke up unable to respond to tweets or take any action on my accounts, both rudejude91 and judeofarc1111. I knew it was a looming possibility, but I have to say I wasn't expecting it so soon. I've been careful about using hashtags, but I've been on their radar probably since my first viral video.
  It was a little gut wrenching, I'll admit. I've been a little down today. Annoyed, but not destroyed! Many people have experienced multiple suspensions. This is my first! It must mean that I am, as they say, above the target. I must be saying something they don't want me to say. Why else would I be suspended with no warning whatsoever? I don't attack people, I don't troll.
  The last few posts I made before my account was suspended included a video in which I may vote for Trump due to what I'd learned about Biden/Harris, as well as a book called Alien World Order by Len Kasten. I wonder what exactly set them off.
  I have made a new account on Twitter: @judithrose91. I made sure my linktree reflects this change. 
  Currently in the works are a possible t-shirt/sticker design, as well as a new single coming soon I made with a friend. I'm not going anywhere!