It seems I'm getting noticed more and more by some bigger accounts! Last night, I found out some women on an Adult Swim show took time out of their day to shame me as a person, but in my opinion it made them look extremely immature, and may have gotten me some viewers anyway! I've gathered the evidence I need and I won't be giving them any more attention than they so desperately want. Sad really, to resort to that kind of behavior towards a complete stranger.
  Secondly, my views on TikTok have dropped dramatically, and I had two posts taken down that have since been appealed and returned to view. I know there's a lot of controversy around TikTok, but the audience on that platform is too huge to just ignore or give up on. I've decided to tackle this problem by going Live on Tiktok more regularly to discuss The Great Awakening map and raise awareness to human and child trafficking.
  I took today to answer questions on my Instagram story and go through some messages. Frankly I'm still so swamped it's impossible to get to even a small fraction of them, but I snag the ones that catch my attention here and there. All of my inboxes are extremely full! I am so lucky and grateful for all of the positivity I see in the messages people send me. Rarely do I catch something strange, rude, or threatening (that hasn't escalated past someone saying I'd look good with a shaved head, big woop). I so appreciate every kind word and message people send my way and I wish there was some way to get back to everyone.
  All of this has been an overwhelmingly pleasant surprise, and I can tell it's only the beginning of my journey! Today I set up a part time gig helping someone witihin the movement answering their  overwhelming messages and I couldn't be more excited! Despite my own inbox being flooded, I'm happy to help someone else who has more reach than I do. I hope it turns more permanent once we get a groove going. 
  Overall I can tell this is just the beginning for me. I seem to have woken up at a critical phase of the plan. The timing feels right. I'm charged up and ready to go, and I hope that bring some relief to those who have been doing this for a while and find themselves worn out. Don't forget to take care of yourself so you can care for the world around you! Listen to healing frequencies, drink filtered water, bask in colored light (particularly purple), learn to meditate and take deep breaths. 
 We got this!