Hey guys! As you know my content is all over the internet at this point. I want to make this a unique hub where a lot of it can be found, but I also want to make this a unique experience for supporters. I'm interested in engaging with you guys, asking opinions, and getting requests. 
I don't necessarily feel like repeating my messages over and over is a great market strategy. Therefore I'm very interested in what you'd like to see from me here on SubscribeStar. I plan on making unique videos as well as creating compilations of my previous videos. The high tier subscribers are entitled to a more personal experience, and we can set up one on one chats when I have time available. 
I really want to connect with you guys and make this an engaging experience, rather than just reposting from my Patreon, TikTok, twitter etc. Let me know what you think! 
Thank you!