Finally updated the Subscribestar. Created A new tier and renamed the other tiers inspired by The Association of Isthar theme I am working on. The Tier now are Informat ($2,-) Associate ($5,-) and Sponsor ($11).

Check out these stories if you haven't already. I am straved for feedback.

Associates (for now) and Sponsors can ask me to edit one of their photo's if they want and get a shoutout. Everyone else gets a credit at the end of the video.

As this page growths I will attempt to update this page more often. Unfortunatly I am a one men operation and creating new content for you guys takes priority.

I also started the new channel, The Retrofuture Research Foundation. The growth is, ok. But you guys can help by sharing the video's, etc..    

A thanks to Musical Wizardy and Daily Consumer Syndrome for providing their music. It is greatly appriciated.