I am just now going live with this page and I wanted to let you know why I am soliciting monthly subscribers.
  1. I have ambitious plans for placing signs all over Alachua County, making Gospel messages almost ubiquitous. Although it is not very expensive, I could use some help. I believe we must be persistent and constantly moving and changing to hold people's attention, so there will always be new editions of signs.
  2. I want my sign messages to have their expanded form available as a tract, so I will be doing some printing. 
  3. I could use a small battery powered bullhorn. As time allows, I'd like to take the Gospel to places where electricity may not be available. At these places I will make my simple messages of salvation through Jesus Christ available and understood. No gathering is too small, and the portability of a sound system with its own power means I can move fast...if I have to.