If praying gave you magical powers, what wouldn't you pray for?

In Nirvan, pray for light and light will appear, pray for power, become mightier... Pray for your son's recovery, and see his wounds heal before your eyes.

With magic like this, why wouldn't you pray?

This novel is about creatures called "airuos" who can control a magical particle called "atos" through prayers.
The usage of this magic is as prevalent and essential to the airuos as electricity is to people. However, this magic goes far beyond that.


  • Praying for guidance creates a ball of light that follows you about as you walk in the dark.
  • Praying for courage imbues you with super strength to fight your enemies.
  • Praying with family before dinner, thanking God for the food, creates a flame for cooking.
  • Praying for protection creates a see-through shield that absorbs devasting amounts of damage.
  • Praying for a safe trip protects your car from debris.
  • Praying for the ill and wounded grants your hands healing power.

You'll find this and more within the pages of White over blue.

Please make no mistake:

Above all else, this novel is a character-oriented tale about flawed men and women with moral failings, trying to do what's right, hoping to bring order back to their lives.

All the gimmicks, including the magical prayers, come second.

Speaking of which, meet some of the characters:

  • Fenisconel (the character in the profile picture) is an enthusiastic 15-year-old watchmaker who lives in a rural nation. He has a terrible relationship with his father, and they fight almost weekly. One day, he discovers that his parents will lose the house because they can't afford it anymore. Desperate to save them from homelessness, he abandons his loved ones and travels to Nicadria, the continent's most advanced nation. His goal is to use his talent for making watches to become rich and save the house... He prefers that you call him "Feenee."

  • Miguel, known by all as "Michel," is a proud 18-year-old martial artist who dreams of punching the crime out of Nicadria. With his two best friends, he formed a team, "Trois Coups" (Three Strikes,) to protect citizens from criminals. He loves the mirror as much as he likes women, but he loves punching bullies even more. One day, he got angry and hurt someone dear to him. He got called a "bad guy," and this pained his soul. His excesses became clear to him, and now his initial dreams became secondary... He is a big momma's boy, too.

  • Rachelle is an attentive 13-year-old girl learning healing prayers to impress her parents. She usually does all the house chores while her parents give all their praises to her older sister and younger brother. One of her teachers tells her that "healing a lost soul" will impress anyone, turning into her life mission. She stumbles on an unconscious castaway by the shore on one family trip. Her goal is to heal her with her prayers and make her parents proud... She likes looking at boys and painted her hair blue.

  • Swartskii is a 14-year-old war fugitive young lady, brought to Nicadria by someone or something. She is exceptionally hostile toward Nicadria, her citizens, and culture. She is a hybrid of an airuo and a flying creature. As such, she was forced into adoption by laws of the land. Her new family regularly teaches her how to behave accordingly. Thanks to that, she stopped herself from committing acts of violence, making her reconsider her disgust for Nicadria... She plays with dolls and eats candy when no one is looking.

  • Tooilliant is a sincere but cruel man with a metallic right arm. He recently arrived at Nicadria, and no one knows who he is, what he does, or what he wants. A young girl approaches him, thinking that he is a homeless man and offers him a walk to a comfy diner for a hot drink. Her irrational kindness distracts him off his duties, and compelled to return her favour, gets a job. He finds joy in the humble lifestyle, but when a miscreant confronts him, he remembers that he has a duty: To destroy Nicadria. He then shows everyone - except the little girl - that he is not a good man... He adores high-art.

Contents of the story:

The novel's genre is high-fantasy. Expect everything that comes with the territory. Despite this, you won't find any human characters in it: No orcs, elves, dwarfs, dragon, bearded wizards, worldly animals or Medieval Europe.

Instead, you'll find:

  • Airuos: Bipedal beings who have long feathery ears, long noses, and tails as long as they are tall. They come in 3 main races: Aminants (yellow), Bandoners (blue), and Riginels (red). They also have 3 mixed races: Pinters (green), Osinants (orange), and Ekanics (violet.)

  • Atos: Crystalized air particles that respond to prayers. It is considered as essential as water. All holy texts claim it to be ashes of the body of God.

  • Flying vehicles: Powered by atos.

  • Spiralled mega-buildings: Entire neighbourhoods coiled up into a spiral, like the Tower of Babel.

  • New animals: You've never seen them before.

  • Plants of different colours: Red, yellow, and blue. Never green.

  • Weird foods: They taste as odd as they look.

  • And more.

Themes of the story:

This book is not for young readers, and some of its featured topics can be extremely offensive to some. Within its pages, you will find:

  • Explicit discrimination
  • Slavery
  • Extreme violence
  • Gore
  • Suggestive (but not explicit) depictions of sex and nudity

Those are the negatives one; the most significant themes that this book will touch upon include:

  • Religion: The largest overarching theme of the book. It is used by all characters to separate good from evil. It is also fuel for their magic system (atos.)

  • Family: It is as important as religion is to these characters because it is the primary motivator for most of them.

  • Morality: There will be situations when characters will face making difficult moral decisions. Some will behave heroically; others will disgust you. Whether they choose right or wrong depends on the rigidity of their morality.

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About the writer:

My name is Alejandro Muñoz Medina, though some of you may already know me by my old username, "whiteoverblue." My pen name for this book will be "Munoz Medina Alejandro."

I am Mexican, born and raised, and I moved to Canada in 2004. I majored as a 3D artist, particularly a 3D Rigger. Therefore, I have an artistic background, and this book will be my first foray into writing.

I have wanted to write this book for a long time. I have tried at least seven times since 2015. However, my life, failures, and career got in the way, pushing the book to the sidelines. Currently, I'm in a fortunate situation that allows me to write full time, and I want to make the most of it, before life gets in the way, again.

I want this book to be a great life achievement, a stepping stone towards new heights. It will be the beginning of a new intellectual property, I hope.

Even if I fail miserably to get it off the ground, I do not care. I want to finish it. After all, this book is a love letter to my late grandmother, a very loving and religious woman whom I loved with all my heart.

Fair warning:

Everything featured this work of fiction, including (but not limited to) characters, names, and designs, could change at any point in the process of writing. I intend to avoid this as much as possible, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able.

Thank you for reading!