I know you all must be so tired of me launching websites; but the truth of it all is, I'm tired of it too LOL

But THANKFULLY, I finally have my own name domain website with a wonderful host whom I've known for years in the deviantart community (and is an absolutely LOVELY lady through and through), and while the bits and bobs are still getting ironed out as well as the styling, I hope to finally be able to sell physical canvas paintings and downloadable digital prints through described website.

The more I delve into wordpress the more I realize how archaic it all is but with SUPERPOWERED plugins that let you do some crazy stuff. I already have all my portfolio work posted up there, as well as my commission pricing and what I offer. Of course if you're looking for something more customized I'm always willing to work out creative reign issues with my clients.

So sorry for the blabber, and the constant influx. I'm so happy I can finally cancel squarespace for good and only pay about eight dollars a month for such a gorgeous little slice of internet heaven. I find it strangely meditative to work on, and comb through it in all honesty o.o

Thank you all for your support throughout the years, I'm so grateful I could burst. It's not every day someone who used to be miserable all the time gets to finally live out her childhood dream of becoming an artist. <3

https://www.vethysnia.com/ https://www.vethysnia.com/ https://www.vethysnia.com/