Welcome to my new SubscribeStar page! I created this page because I'm an independent musician, visual artist, writer and angelic/energy healer and all my projects costs money, which I don't have that much of. So I'm now asking my audience to contribute by subscribing to this page. I really want to focus on new books, new music, new arts and giving healing sessions without worry about money.

Equipments, web hosting, distribution, softwares, courses I take to become better... everything costs money. And I simply don't have the money to create as much as I would want right now. So I'm now asking for help.

In return, subscribers get behind the scenes, such as art time-lapse videos, music making-videos, vlogs, cartoons/comics etc for subscribers only which I not post anywhere else and much more.

Please consider to subscribe if you have seen my arts or read my writings and you like what you have seen/read.

I'm trying to keep the subscription cost as low as I can, but yet every penny helps me out!

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