YouTube Premiere of Reading Comics: Mad #2, 1952, EC Comics, Kurtzman, Davis, Feldstein, Severin, Elder, Wally Wood [ASMR]

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VIDEO: Thank you Connor and Phillip for funding this haul: "Comic Book Haul #30: Golden & Silver Age Comics, a Holy Grail [ASMR]
- Intro to Comic (17:20) 
- Read First Story: Terror Dept. story "Hex!" (34:16) 
- Read Second Story: Jungle Dept.; Melvin of The Apes story "Melvin!" (1:01:00) 
- Read Third Story: Science-Fiction Dept. story "Gookum!" (1:25:15) 
- Read Fourth Story: Crime Dept. story "Mole!" (1:48:15)