Price Cycling vs. Ad Revenue

As you know I've been cycling my pricing for the AppStore (Apple's, Google Play doesn't allow this) and my results are showing that my paid downloads are out-pacing my ad revenue by almost 300%.

June was a record ad-revenue month for me.  I earned $208 on the month in ad-revenue which is a HUGE win given that I've spent probably 30 min on a simple upgrade on a single app this month.  My paid downloads however generated $594, bringing my monthly total to $802.  (Keep in mind that I'm tracking 'sales' not 'revenue' so Apple is still going to grab 30% of the sales total but 'sales' is a better measure for my analysis.)

In all of the experiments that I've done, price cycling has produced the best results by far.  Second in importance has been strategic review requests followed closely by scheduled push notifications.  You just can't expect an app to do well if you aren't participating in it's AppStore experience.

If you are not doing these things yet, go schedule some price changes now.  Set your cycles for one or two weeks so you can see how things behave.  Once you have that set, find one or more notifications that you can schedule for the same period of time.  If you aren't pushing the buttons the income from your apps just won't happen at all.