As a preview of what subscribers get weekly (when I remember), I've made this one public.

Glad and Sad - Earthbound is finally finished
If you were around or watched the VOD, Earthbound finally got a close. It was about time, but I am sad all the same. It was a great game to play through.

Deep Thought - Journeys
This was touched on in a future video. We really need to find joy in our own journeys, especially now. I reflect back on a talk from Thomas S. Monson, talking about that very thing. Enjoy the journey, there are gonna be hard times, but when it is over, you'll wish you had.

Recent Finishings - Lord of the Rings
I got so excited as I was finishing it. It was a journey that took too long to go through, but it seemed to fit the various stages I was going through. It is sad to be over, but there were parallels that I drew from it (it's just the way I see things, always something to learn). Those will come out it future stuff, too, don't worry.

Projects I am looking at - Arch-based plain linux
So, in the linux community is a meme revolving around gnu and linux. What I wanna do is remove the bloat that gets memed on, but still keep the pacman package manager I have come to love. Artix exists, but it still uses systemd, Alpine Linux does away with all the things I want to remove, but doesn't have the pacman. I just gotta find a way to get the gnu utils out of Artix, at least that is what I think... That would mean people saying I use GNU+Linux would be wrong, which is a big dab.

Project I Pushed harder - YouTube
If you have been paying attention, I have been uploading a few more original things to the YouTube (and Bitchute). It is an effort to be more "discoverable" and also to move closer to my original aims a few years ago. It may seem weird and off, but these posts have been that as well...